English Lessons

ESOL lessons (English for students of other languages) take place twice weekly in term time in Trowbridge and once a week in Melksham.

In Trowbridge an advanced and a beginners class run on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 10:30 – 12:30. The classes are in Bethesda Church Trowbridge (on the corner of Gloucester Road and Newtown) and are organised and run by experienced teachers and volunteers. There is a creche on Wednesdays.

We have a group for men on Mondays 1:15pm and this also runs at Bethesda Church Trowbridge.

In Melksham one class runs on a Wednesday morning from 10:30 – 12 at United Church, High Street, Melksham.

Once a month we hold a lunch after the lessons in Trowbridge and in Melksham when we invite our students to contribute and share a vegetarian dish. We invite guests to the lunches so that they can meet the women. Guests have included, for example, people from Dorothy House, the Council, Healthwatch, Community Police.

Soundwell Music Therapy have brought a large collection of musical instruments once a month and have organised music sessions where we have played or sung songs from our heritage as well as learned new ones.

We organise speakers to talk to the women about issues that may concern them – now or in the future, for example, Stroke Awareness and Dementia